Since the inception of this creative journey, Celesia Faith Marketing & Events, LLC has serviced small businesses, non-profits, faith-based organizations and local artists across the Carolinas. As a service oriented business, we manage the design, decor and fine details to support branding initiatives and special events for many occasions. 

How does marketing and events tie together?

Among the number of small businesses and various organizations equipped to serve others, we want to engage with the preferred customer, our employees or those included on the extended guest list. Celesia Faith Marketing & Events provides the full-service experience to brands who trust us to provide creative material and promote their celebratory event. From corporate style conferences to anniversaries and intimate affairs, THE BRAND stands behind the initiative to create memories that last a lifetime.

Here, your creative director and production team works for you.

We partner with key vendors and combine our efforts to provide quality, professional service. After reaffirming who you are (because everything is marketable, including you), we coordinate the activities, entertainment, photography, transportation, catering, program logistics and more - from start to finish.


Whether you are a sole proprietor, free lance guru, small-business or entrepreneur, your brand or special occasion deserves a creative and professional touch. 


Celesia Faith Patterson

Owner & Creative Director


Andrea Oglesby

Special Events Coordinator


Jacob Brenner

Content Strategist